This cake I totally Loooooovvvveeee!!!!! Aside from the fact that it is has pearls...lots of them.

It reminds me of strands of pearls little girls put on when playing dress up. Love it! And the signature quilting for the top layer just like a purse.

This cake is perfect for a super elegant birthday party with your girlfriends, hanging out, drinking wine

Or a bridal shower. More girlfriends and drinking mimosas.

Or for a wedding. This is a perfect off white,two-tiered cake. Take of the chanel logo and put the couples initials.

Everything in this cake is edible. Flower, pearls and logo.


I was contacted and got a request for cookies to match an invite she created.

She does super cute invites!

The invite

Super cute right? Then, she said she didn't want round cookies. Yikes! So that meant I had to hand cut the dough. So this is how I do it.

First I had to draw out the characters. Then cut it out.

I started with the trees. I used a Christmas light bulb and trimmed it a little to make the shape.

Then I did the snowmans and gloves. You noticing a trend? I'm working on the cookies that I could use a cookie cutter hehehe.

Then off to the handcut ones. I decided on the raccoon because it's too cute! The top hat and the eye glass!

Then off to the fox. His little skate!

Then lastly the deer. So sweet!

Arent they adorable?! I really loved working on these.


I started seeing these super cute colorful round sandwiches on Pinterest and had to see what the deal was with all these pins. Martha Stewart has lots of macaron displays and I started researching them.

Now, I've seen a lot of people and sites that confuse French Macarons with macaroons. They're not the same. They're two different things. Both are gluten free but the French macaron is more of a meringue cookie (from egg whites) and the macaroon is made of shredded coconut and condensed milk. They're done in ten minutes, while a macaron is more difficult and takes about an hour to make.


See the difference,Big difference!

I really didn't know about how a macaron was supposed to taste or look so I kept researching and found out it's supposed to be a crispy shell with a soft gooey melt-in-your-mouth center with a nutty flavor.


The French macaron, pronounced macarOHn, is made with almond flour, egg whites and sugar. A lot of people have trouble with them because if you under mix you don't get the cute ruffly bottom, known as feet, and if you over mix then they won't get the hard shell and fluffy top. I was super scared and intimidated to try them at first.

Once they're piped onto the cookie sheet, you must wait for thirty minutes for them to rest. Then you put them in the oven for 10-13 minutes. Once you see the "feet" you will do a happy dance, because you got the batter just right :)

Yay, feet!!

What's super fun about Macarons, is that you can make them in any and all colors! I've only done two batches so I've only done these two colors but I want to make more, more colors!!

Aside from the infinite possibility of colors there's also a wide range of fillings to put inside. From buttercream and meringue to ganache and jellies. There's tons of combinations to work and experiment with. The possibilities are endless! Can you tell I'm a bit obsessed :)

My first batch I went basic and added Nutella as a filling. Yum, Macarons and Nutella-Heaven!!

The second was amaretto buttercream. Oh, that one was just right, not too sweet and not bland, just delicious.

Look at those beautiful "feet"

I've been busy with cookie orders so I haven't had a chance to make some Macarons, but the first break I get I will make some mango macaron or some snickers macaron, oh yeah, I can't wait.

And just like fine wine, they taste better the longer they sit in the fridge (covered).

So if you can't go to France and taste the real deal, place your order with me ;) but if you are lucky to go to France, make sure and bring me some authentic French Macarons!


I got an order for a 50th Surpise Birthday Party-how fun!! I was given the super cute invite and pics of what they wanted.

Invite with matching cookies

I tried to keep the same colors. I really loved how cute they turned out. The shoes and these super cute poodle skirts!

Shoes and Poodle skirts

I also made some vinyl records and jukeboxes!

Jukeboxes and records

My favorite were these car tails! A '55 Chevy! Love the whitewall tires! With some super cool shades.

'55 Chevy and sunglasses

And of course, a milkshake with a cherry on top! What Diner didn't have a shake?


I loved making this set :)

Oh and check out these Adorable cupcakes made to look like sundaes

Chocolate coconut cupcakes

And how cute is the stand, records!!


Here is my latest work, McQueen, Mater, Agent Finn and a couple of racing cookies. These were super fun to make and I think they came out super cute.

These are my favorite... McQueen


And Finn McMissile

And these Route 66 signs I had to make my own cutter.

This super lucky girl got not one but two birthday cakes!! One on her birthDay and the other for her party. How lucky is she!!

Her Mommy said she wanted Olivia and Peppa the Pig, Ninja Turtles, Minnie Mouse and a couple more I forgot.

The piggies were for her real birth Day just family. I made them out if gumpaste :)
And then for her big party she had Minnie :) I had been wanting to make one, so when she told me how she wanted it I got super excited. I love the round top with the ears and the bow.
It was all buttercream with fondant decorations. Bottom strawberry cake and top one was chocolate. Even the head was chocolate cake :)
Oh, and who can forget cookies!!
Between Easter, Spring Break, parties and last minute orders I've kind of neglected my blog. So I'm uploading my latest orders and a couple more from the past :)
This Easter/1st Birthday Cake order really got me stressing. The bunny's face. That's what had me losing sleep. I made it out of Rice Krispies but I had to get it just right, so that he had a cute expression.
And here is the cake at the party. The Mommy had such cute decorations. Look at those fluffy chicks!
Love birds
Little Einsteins
Mod Monkey
My Baby's 1st Birthday. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Monster truck
Mickey and Minnie
Spider Man
Robin Lego
Batman Lego
Dearth Vader

My Tools



I'd like to show you all a little bit of the stuff I work with that you wouldn't normally think of when you think of baking.

Aside from the usual KitchenAid Stand Mixer (which I loooove) Miss Kitty and rolling pin and cookie cutters I also use other tools.

I like to use a fan heater. Yup, a little heater for my cookies. This is really helpful for when I have a rush order or need to work with different colors and they need to dry fast. It dries my icing and sometimes leaves it shiny :)

I also like to use an Xacto knife. This little knife helps me cut dough for when I don't have a cutter and cut fondant for decorations on a cake. I always keep it nice and clean so it can always be ready to cut.
And for when I can't find a specific cookie cutter? I make my own with aluminum foil. I buy a turkey pan and cut it into strips, fold it neatly so that I that I don't cut myself and then bend it around until I have the shape I need. I've done McQueen from Cars and the aliens from Toy Story.

Of course I already found some machine that can make me designs from plastic but it costs $1800. I also read about a pen that makes 3D designs in thin air (how crazy is that!) but I'll just wait a little longer.
And this little scale that I just bought at Costco this past weekend. I'm starting to weigh my ingredients instead. I've noticed a lot of professional bakers do, even the fondant as to make sure parts are even and since I'm an aspiring professional baker (hehe) I have to start baking like one.

I like this one because the numbers are big and the screen is bright blue And because I was able to get it in red; not just black or stainless.
And I know this next tool is a requirement but I haven't shown it to you guys. It's my new little cookie convection oven! Ta-dah!! As you all remember, my oven on my stove burned or just stopped working so I decided to look for a convection oven. It bakes with even heat that circulates all over and not just from the bottom. So my cookies back super fast and even now. I love baking in it!
So now you know a little of how my brain works and sees baking stuff everywhere. I'm sure everyone has their little tricks and tools for making work fun.