So here I am, trying to get more web exposure, so I've decided to try this "blogging" thing out.
I've never done this so ill be learning as I go. I plan on posting pictures of my cupcakes, cakes and cookies and everything else I may want to talk about (hehehe).
I hope to be entertaining and maybe a little informative. I believe in always learning something new. Never stop learning, whether you learn about baking, a new language or even about life, always keep striving to better yourself.

So here I go, learning how to blog.
3/13/2013 15:23:39

Good for you! I have been putting my own blog off for sometime now. Can't wait to see what you start posting. :)

3/13/2013 15:40:16

I didn't know HOW to start but I found this app for my iPad and decided to do it. Too easy!

Hilda Esmeralda Cano-Elizondo
6/21/2014 00:53:50

This is awesome! I'm not sure you remeber me but we met in high school, McAllen High School to be exact. I love your cookie and cake design. I'm also doing research on blogging which an art in itself.

6/21/2014 07:13:35

Hi Hilda, yes I remember you! Thanks for enjoying my blog! Blogging is an art in itself but I just got an app and I just start writing lol. Makes it easier!


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